60xt prototype

The 60xt prototype has arrived. This was a keenly awaited build, the 60xt prototype. The case was designed and engineered by Reddit user omgitspngu and then two examples were manufactured in China. Pngu kept one and sent the other one to me for test-fitting. The case is made out of aluminum, … [Read more]

Planck Rev.4

Minimalistic keyboarding. After handwiring a 40% ortho that was a bit haphazard but fully functioning I thought it would be fitting with a proper one. So I settled for a Planck from OLKB with a low-profile green case and MIT layout. It was a second-hand keyboard with Outemu Ice Purple … [Read more]

Skystoteles switches

Stem harvest time! Bought 80 vintage Aristoteles switches (20+ years old perhaps) just to harvest the stems to try some interesting stem+housing combinations. Since I recently recieved around 300 unassambled Outemu Sky switches I figured I could try that. The Aristoteles stem and the Sky stem has the same milky … [Read more]