Melody96 case with Ymd96 PCB

Blue and gold.

Got in on a group buy by Ymdk for a case and plate setup. Chose blue upper part of case and gold lower part and plate. Took a few month but it finally arrived. The case is called Melody96 and was sold with a PCB as well, but that PCB was fitted with USB-C and I want Mini-USB. Got them to remove the PCB from the order. I still had a Ymd96 PCB since before when I ordered two of them, one pre-built and one just the PCB.

Was initally set on using Gateron Blacks but did not have enough of them to cover the board, so it ended up as a mix of Gat. Blacks and Mod-L linears. The Blacks are just 5gr heavier and both are linears so I figured it would work just fine. Put the Mod-L on the alphas and numpad and the Blacks on the rest.

It’s a heavy case with the brass weight (removable) in the bottom, but not as heavy as the more solid AMJ96 case. Good or bad? both are very nice.

Case, plate, PCB and parts bag:

The case and plate assembled just to check the fitting and look:

The heavy brass weight:

Most of the stabs mounted (missing enter). Then remember that I don’t need stabs for Shift or Numpad plus:

Most of the modifiers in place. Still working on the layout of the caps between space and arrow cluster. Either three 1 u or two 1,5 u.

Closer look on the switch mix:

Closer look on the bottom:


Some more shots:


Tested with GMK Nautilus caps, and that works out even better than the Godspeeds due to the colors:

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