Melody96 case with Ymd96 PCB

GMK Nautilus on Melody96

Blue and gold.

Got in on a group buy by Ymdk for a case and plate setup. Chose blue upper part of case and gold lower part and plate. Took a few month but it finally arrived. The case is called Melody96 and was sold with a PCB as well, but that PCB was fitted with USB-C and I want Mini-USB. Got them to remove the PCB from the order. I still had a Ymd96 PCB since before when I ordered two of them, one pre-built and one just the PCB.

Was initally set on using Gateron Blacks but did not have enough of them to cover the board, so it ended up as a mix of Gat. Blacks and Mod-L linears. The Blacks are just 5gr heavier and both are linears so I figured it would work just fine. Put the Mod-L on the alphas and numpad and the Blacks on the rest.

It’s a heavy case with the brass weight (removable) in the bottom, but not as heavy as the more solid AMJ96 case. Good or bad? both are very nice.

Updated a couple of times, replacing switches and caps. Updates at bottom.

After the updates replacing the switches to lubed milky Gateron Yellows, and the caps to GMK Nautilus the Melody96 is a really nice keybaord.


Case, plate, PCB and parts bag:

The case and plate assembled just to check the fitting and look:

The heavy brass weight:

Most of the stabs mounted (missing enter). Then remember that I don’t need stabs for Shift or Numpad plus:

Most of the modifiers in place. Still working on the layout of the caps between space and arrow cluster. Either three 1 u or two 1,5 u.

Closer look on the switch mix:

Closer look on the bottom:


Some more shots:

Update 1:

Tested with GMK Nautilus caps, and that works out even better than the Godspeeds due to the colors:

Update 2:

Replaced the Gateron Blacks and Mod-L with Gateron Yellows, lubed with 3204.

Plate, PCB and switched removed from case.

Time to desolder.

Completely desoldered.

Gateron Yellows in place. Time for assembly.

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