Two Cyphers


Not one, but two Cyphers

The Cypher is a compact f-rowless 1800 layout keyboard, which means it is somewhat close to fullsize in regard that it has a numpad and arrow cluster, but is lacking the f-row (f1-f12) and the nav keys (PgUp, Ins, ..). The Cypher was designed and produced in a small number this round by Reddit user Amthe. Only something like 20 keyboards were manufactured, but larger group buy got planned.

What they lack in number of keys they make up in nimble size and portability. The f-row is reached using Fn-key and numrow. Furthermore they have three leds between numlock and backspace for caps lock, num lock and scroll lock. The keyboards has two-toned cases, meaning the one with silver top has a grey bottom, and the one with grey top has a silver bottom.
The reasons for buying two are that one is going to be the wifes keyboard and the other one my own. Wife chose the one with silver top.

Specifications per Cypher

Silver top / grey bottom

  • Aluminium case with anodized silver top and grey bottom
  • Aluminium plate
  • Layout on bottom row is 1.25-1-1.25-6-1.25-1-1.25 to be able to house the Win-key and Fn-key.
  • Cypher PCB
  • GMK Screw-in Stabs. Clipped and lubed
  • Gateron Yellow switches with milky bottom and Cherry black top. Springs are lubed.

Grey top / silver bottom (sold)

  • Aluminium case with anodized grey top and silver bottom
  • Polycarbonate plate
  • Layout on bottom row is 1.5-1.5-6.25-1.5-1.5
  • Cypher PCB
  • GMK Screw-in Stabs. Clipped and lubed
  • Yok Pandas switches (Holy red panda) which are Halo True stems in Yok red housings. SPRiT 62s springs. Lubed with Tribosys 3204 for both housings and springs.

Update June 2020

The grey top/silver bottom Cypher is sold.

Update September 2020

The silver top/grey bottom Cypher is also sold.


Two red Cypher PCB:s
One with alu-plate (to be replaced with CF) and one with PC plate
Holy Red Pandas in place in the PC plate. This case is sold.
Testing the indicator LEDs
Silver top Cypher with ePBT grayscale caps
Grey top Cypher with GMK WoB modifiers and GMK Space Cadet alphas. This case is sold